Victor Atman is from Santa Cruz of Tenerife - Spain
High School finished in Valladolid (Spain).
ŠAdvanced studies in four languages (english, french, german & italian).
ŠEnglish poetry publications in two english magazines for the English Philology Department at the University of Valladolid (Spain).
ŠEntered in several poetry competitions in England and selected finalist in one of them celebrated in Whitwick - Leicestershire.  (December 1992)
ŠSpecialization in digital design & arts as a freelance creator. (diploma 200 hours as a specialist in Auto CAD 13)(December 1998).
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ŠDigital artworks at Sala Mapfre from La Laguna -Tenerife (Spain). October 1998.
ŠDigital artworks at Sala Hispano 20 from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). May 1999.
ŠDigital artworks at bookshop "Foro Literario" from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain).
ŠOn-line exhibition at Arterealidad. (Barcelona - Spain). May-July 2000.
.On-line exhibition at Arteycreatividad. (Buenos Aires - Argentina). August 2000.
ŠOn-line exhibition at ArteLIBRE. (Buenos Aires - Argentina). September 2000.
ŠOn-line exhibition at Arteycreatividad. (Buenos Aires - Argentina). August 2000.
ŠOn-line exhibition at Completart. (Valladolid - Spain). October 2000.

Digital artworks at Talia restaurant from Valencia (Spain). July 1997.

Winner of several awards & prizes in primary school fine arts contests.

ŠAdversiting works for the Canary Islands Brewers "Cervecera Canaria". January 2000. Spain.
ŠCover illustration for the tale book "El vendedor de alfombras" ordered by the prestigious publishing house "Ediciones Obelisco". Barcelona (Spain). September-2000.
ŠInside Illustration for the international magazine AĄO CERO.nľ 126.Page 45. Madrid (Spain). November 2000.
I started in computer graphics practicing with several 2d programs,creating astounding artworks mainly with Photoshop and then trying my best with 3D (3D Studio Max & Auto CAD included). I'm more concerned with art rather with design. Since my early teens I used to draw and use different pictorial techniques to explore new possibilities of art expression. When I was 15 year sold I changed my artistic mind for an intellectual one. A few years ago I discovered that my creative talent would show up again but this time through a revolutionary technique: digital art.
Digital art has become my second nature, it's something that brings me forward fresh frames of mind as every new artwork that I produce seems to me like a further step to a better picture where people and things are born anew. Transpersonal worlds are a part of my inspiration, I always try to be on the cutting edge both personally and artistically without losing sight of the past.
Basically I want to express with my art an inner world full of pent-up stamina that society commonly represses...let's say that I try to make the viewer think and feel transported to a better world far from the inherited neuroses of mankind...